A group of parents at Aksaray Mehmetçik Elementary School has been organizing action since the beginning of the week to close the special education class in the school. 

A group of parents at Aksaray Mehmetçik Elementary School has been organizing action since the beginning of the week to close the special education class in the school.Children with autism may “that it affects your psychology badly” some parents on the application of the school administration and the Aksaray Governor’s Office were also claimed to act.

Yesterday evening at a school in Aksaray to close the class of children with autism protest allegations of social media sat on the agenda.

In a short time, a large number of non-governmental organizations, children with autism and their families by making statements about the allegations of harassment and condemned the event announced that they will follow.

The Ministry of Education on the subject of the BBC Turkish Fundanur Ozturk said that the investigation of the school principal was initiated and Aksaray Mehmetçik Elementary School “Autistic Student Classes” sign immediately removed.For “autistic” is not equivalent in the current curriculum, and all uses within the MoNE were terminated because it was considered a discriminatory definition.
For the last few months, the parents of special students at Mehmetçik Elementary School have been “Intimidate” policy is motivated and wanted to get their children away from school, he says.In its official statement today, the Ministry of National Education announced that an investigation was initiated by the Ministry inspectors and “Taking into consideration the sensitivities required by the special education class in our school, related regulations have been made in the fields within the school and the education and training activities are continuing” statements.


Cennet İnceöz, her mother with autism, says that children with special needs have been discriminated against at Mehmetçik Elementary School for a long time but that the abuse has become unbearable since the beginning of the week:

“Our children’s section is separated by a screen, they can not get out of their classes. They enter and leave the back door of the school, separate cafeterias, separate toilets … Other children are not addressed. But what happened in the last few months was completely intimidation policy. began to insult.

Some parents said, ‘Get out of here. we do not want. Children’s psychology is deteriorating ‘he said. When the other children saw children with autism, they were scared, did not eat, chased children with autism in their dreams at night.

They took the muhtar with them and started to protest in the school yard, booing and insulting the mothers who went out. It’s been going on since the beginning of the week, we’re surprised at what we’re going to do. ”

Inceoz says that these problems are increasing with the beginning of the new education period and the change of school administration.

“We didn’t have such problems with the previous manager.” İnceöz says that some parents of children with autism have to take their children from school:

“There were close to 50 students in the classroom, but most of the parents took their children away from school as a result of these harassments and no longer sent them to any school. We didn’t experience anything like that in the previous principal.


Another parent, Nurcan Kara, states that her nine-year-old daughter with autism has been attending Mehmetçik Elementary School for three years, but discrimination and harassment problems started this year.

Kara argues that children with autism in the school get along well with other students, but parents are provoked by the school administration and the mukhtar:

“With the filling of the new school administration, these children and their parents are being provoked against us. As we have learned from the other parents who support us, the school administration says to some parents that they will expel your children from this school and that they will make autistic school here. Families want our children to go. this is how they bring parents face to face.

When my child enrolled in the school, there were 40-50 students, but now there are only 19 children with autism. I found out that although there is a need for teachers, there is no demand for teachers from the Ministry of National Education. When I went to the Provincial Directorate of National Education, ‘Your school teacher does not demand’ they said. ”

He’s got good friends, he’s got his hand, he’s got friends. His teacher, whom he has been with for two years and made great progress, has changed this year. I told them that our children had a separate connection with their teachers and that they could not cope with this situation. I wanted my child to be transferred to the teacher’s class, but the principal refused. ”

My daughter has come a long way in three years, socialized, but she wants her own teacher. The director says that even though he sees the situation, his teacher will not come, and I don’t need a teacher. There is no point in my child attending this school. We don’t have academic expectations, our priority is behavioral progress and happiness. ”

The parents also claim that Şükrü Genç, the muhtar of the Laleli neighborhood, provoked the other parents who gathered in front of the school to protest against the students with autism and this was also present in the camera recordings.


Muhtar Şükrü Genç reached by BBC Turkish’s Fundanur Öztürk. “I don’t admit that I’m aggravating the citizen” He describes the tension in the neighborhood as follows:

“We are not against any disabled people, there is mild autism. But 17 students with severe autism came to school recently. Therefore, the situation has changed. Parents should always be with them. We have separated classes but they have to see each other in recession. Those with severe autism are 14-16 years old. it creates discomfort. ”

Veli Nurcan Kara says that the number of children with severe autism coming to school recently is four.

Mukhtar Genc claims that parents call him every day and complain about children with autism at school:

“Citizens are making me a lot of pressure, they are constantly complaining. I met this job last week Governor Bey. Governor Bey,” One month patience, muhtar, “he said. We said okay, I told parents to wait a month. Provincial Director of Education It’s going to take 8-9 months to get the job done.

The governor said they will move to another school, but the citizen does not believe. Because 3-4 years ago we went again and complained, MEB said we will take them from this school, but they did not. ”

“Children with autism should NOT be isolated from the community”

Parin Yakupyan, Chairman of the Special Children Education and Solidarity Association (ÖÇED), states that the separation and isolation of children with autism from Mehmetçik Primary School and other students will bring along various problems.

According to Jacob, both children with special needs and their families should be able to fully acquire the rights defined by law:

“When children with autism are in class, other parents and children have been booed and children with autism have heard of them. According to Article 122 of the TPC, this attitude is directly discriminatory. but when they receive the right education, they become faint. They are not monsters, their hearts are full of love. ”

When families are diagnosed with autism about their children, they are already in a major trauma and try to gain their right to education. These children develop if they can live in parallel with the society, but if the society rejects them, those children who already have communication problems are even more affected. ”

In this example, our voices sounded very much, but there are many similar events in which we do not. Autism is currently experiencing a rate of 1 in 59 but is said to have increased to 1 in 40. Today, people who do not want children with autism in the classroom, maybe tomorrow will experience this grandson. ”


The Governor’s Office in Aksaray announced that a 12-class Private Education School would be built in Aksaray:

“Special education students have been studying here for 5 years. Some of the news published in the media” Children with autism Aksaray bohalandı “does not reflect the truth and children continue their education in schools. the necessary review has been initiated. ”


AKP spokesman Omer Celik said on Twitter “#Otism under the title of the children who need special education, and sensitive families are monitoring the events that hurt. Special education in the need of special education children will not be disrupted. They will not be allowed to be subjected to an exclusion. It is essential ” said.

“All children are one universe. None of them can be separated.” Saying Steel “It is essential that all of our children are educated in a qualified environment and that children are not separated by any corridor or any other application. he said.